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WERA Holders and Adaptors

We were not happy that bit change with bit holders was often quite cumbersome. We found out that strong magnets or retaining rings indeed hold the bit securely, but they greatly impede removal from the holder.

So we have developed bit holders that indeed reliably hold the bit, yet still allow for fast and trouble-free bit change. The solution: bit holders with quick-release mechanisms that lift the bit from the magnets. Bit holders which – depending on the requirements – additionally have elastic zones that absorb peak loads. Or rapid-spin sleeves with which the cordless or electric screwdrivers can be guided during the screwdriving process.

Impaktor holder Suitable for extra high torque e.g. from modern 18 volt impact screwdrivers with particularly high resilience. Reduces the risk of premature breakage of the holder or bit and increases the productivity when screwdriving with power tools.

Rapidaptor stainless steel Manufactured out of stainless steel thus preventing the formation of unsightly extraneous rust when working with stainless steel. Additionally, it offers all the advantages of the Rapidaptor technology.

BiTorsion holder Designed with special BiTorsion zone. The energy from peak loads is diverted into the BiTorsion zone. Considerable reduction of the risk of breakage, much longer service life.

Rapidaptor holder Rapid bit change without needing any additional tools. One-hand operation with a freely spinning sleeve for simplified guidance of the tool. Also available in a BiTorsion design.

Ring magnet Rapidaptor Special design powerful ring magnet, for larger and heavier screws. Ideal for overhead work, too.

Holder with quick-release chuck The magnetic design enables simplified positioning of the screw. The non-magnetic version prevents any unwanted attraction of metal filings.

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