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The right bit for every screw and for every power tool connection. The right quality for every user.

Thanks to the high-precision profile design and the outstanding concentricity properties, Wera bits provide for dependable working and offer great durability. Wera bits are designed for professional applications in industry as well as in the trade.

They enable higher torque transfer and typically have a long service life. Material and manufacturing expertise, established over decades, combined with sophisticated hardening technologies form the foundation upon which our premium quality is based.

We scrutinised the geometry and material properties of the bits for every screw profile. We analysed the destroyed bits, holders and screws in detail. The result is the Impaktor system – our entire know-how from bit manufacturing combined in our very best bit series.

For use with impact screwdrivers. Improve productivity when screwdriving with power tools.

Maximum utilisation of the material properties, a very special geometry – designed particularly to meet the extreme demands – as well a specific manufacturing process mean that Wera Impaktor tools have an above-average service life.

Another product advantage is the coating of the Impaktor bits with minute diamond particles.




Impact bits are needed when a strong power tool is used. Impact bits were specifically developed to withstand high power tool forces.

Stainless Steel-Bits

Stainless Steel-Bits

Wera stainless steel bits are manufactured out of stainless steel so unsightly rust can be avoided. The stainless steel bits from Wera are vacuum ice-hardened and have the hardness and strength needed for screw connections. There are no limitations to the industrial applications they are suitable for.



BiTorsion bits are absolutely premium products. They have a softer BiTorsion zone which reduces the hardness of the shaft by about 20 % in comparison to the drive tip. This means that the peak loads that cause bit breakage and premature wear are absorbed in this zone – something which enhances the service life of the bits.

DBits with diamond coating

Bits with diamond coating

The diamond coating of the DC bits lowers the danger of slipping as the minute diamond particles literally “bite” themselves into the screw head.

Take it easy tool finder

“Take it easy”

“Take it easy” tool finder with colour coding according to profiles and size stamp – for simple and rapid accessing of the required tool.

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