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We questioned the classic L-key design, since all too often the screw head recess is rounded out, meaning screws can no longer be tightened or loosened – and so the user finds the L-key slipping out of the recess.

Wera Hex-Plus tools have a larger contact surface in the screw head. The notching effects are reduced and thereby the deformation of the screws. At the same time, as much as 20 % more torque can be applied.


Stainless L-keys are hardened to the same strength as conventional (carbon) steel tools, and prevent extraenous rust forming.

SPKL – protects fingers! L-keys with a thermoplastic sleeve (SPKL) are manufactured out of easy-to-grip, circular material. The sleeve ensures that work is safe and comfortable even at low temperatures. High corrosion protection features thanks to the special BlackLaser surface treatment. Colour coding and large stamp to enable the desired L-key to be easily located.

Chrome-plated hexagon L-keys or with BlackLaser surface treatment for outstanding surface protection and long service life. High corrosion protection.

Wera Hex L-Keys video

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