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Multifuntional Crimping Tool or Multibex

Multifunctional Crimping Plier is a tool, which can crimp mostly all type of Electrical smaller terminals /connectors just by rotating it slots according to its respective profile crimping and wire sizes.

This tool is also called as Multibex as it has been invented By BEXTOOLS

Type of the connector can be crimped as follows

√ Solder less Terminals (DIN 46234 / DIN 46341)
    ⇒ Insulated crimp-style cable lugs
    ⇒ Ring cable lugs
√ End sleeves 0.14 – 25 mm2
√ Open brass cable lugs
√ Coaxial Connectors
√ Photovoltaic / Solar

√ Fibre Optic Connectors
√ Twisted contacts, square
√ Automotive contacts

Multibex die set for insulated and non insulated terminals change to die set for photovoltaics

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